The Suffering Review


The Suffering Review

The Suffering might be a little too straightforward in spots, but it does make for a solid action game.

Gaming History: The Suffering “Prison really is hell”

The Suffering – Some may call it a survival horror game, some may call it a psychological horror action game, while others call it the game where you are the monster true monster and everything else should run in fear. But it’s not Doom, it’s The Suffering. A game where you go to prison and prison goes to hell.

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The “greatest” survival horror game of all time! – The Suffering: Ties That Bind

On this episode of Flophouse Plays, I continue the suffering with Midway’s often forgotten survival horror sequel!

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The Suffering: How to Fail and Succeed Simultaneously

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The Suffering is one of those old horror games I think we all played back when it came out, but for whatever reason, it just never caught on the way other series did around the time of its release. Even while I’m typing this, I’m sure there’s some of you who can vividly remember playing it on an old PS2 or Xbox, but never really thought about it till seeing this video. Well it’s time to give Abbot Penitentiary its time to shine. Let’s see if this bad boy is as good as I remember!

The Suffering widescreen patch –

00:00 – Intro
02:09 – Development
03:53 – Story
15:09 – Spoilers
19:10 – Story Cont
21:32 – Gameplay
28:38 – PS2 Port Gameplay
30:36 – Xbox Port Gameplay
33:10 – PC Port Gameplay
35:43 – Gameplay Cont
37:46 – Presentation
42:36 – PS2 Port Presentation
46:11 – Xbox Port Presentation
51:08 – PC Port Presentation
53:54 – All Ports Compared
54:38 – Conclusion

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Midway’s Action-Horror Shooter | The Suffering Retrospective

Midway is known for a lot of things, but their action-horror game developed but Surreal Software was absolutely insane. From morality decisions, terrific monster designs, and brilliant voice acting and sound work, the games are truly underrated gems that are worth a look back 17 years.

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00:00 – Intro
01:26 – Story
05:28 – Development
07:24 – Gameplay
10:09 – Monsters
13:18 – Torque
14:31 – Sounds
16:35 – Atmosphere
18:58 – Review
21:21 – Ties That Bind
26:19 – Conclusion

Referenced Footage & Link to Games:
-The Making of The Suffering :

-Stan Winston The Suffering’s Creature Designer :

-Ties That Bind Morality Evolutions :

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Music: (in order of appearance)
-007 Goldeneye OST- Wrist Watch
-The Suffering OST- Behind The Cells
-The Suffering OST- The Death House
-The Suffering OST- Dancing at the Dawn of the Apocolypse
-The Suffering OST- Abbot Prison Blues
-The Suffering OST- Eastern Cell Block
-The Suffering OST- Fighting Hermes T. Haight
-The Suffering OST- Welcome to Carnate
-The Suffering OST- Eastern Cell Block (again)
-The Suffering OST- Slaying The Slayers
-The Suffering OST- Dr. Killjoy’s Experiments
-The Suffering OST- Eastern Cell Block (yet again)
-Kenkura – Lazy Evenings