Midnight Club II


Midnight Club II

Midnight Club II is just as solid as the original Midnight Club was in its day, and it features a handful of improvements.

Midnight Club 2 all character cutscenes

All the story videos of the racing game

Midnight Club II – 100% Career Mode

Full gameplay of the Career mode of Midnight Club 2, the arcade street racing game realized by Rockstar.

00:00 Los Angeles
54:57 Dice-LA Champion
1:05:11 Paris
1:58:15 Parfait-Paris Champion
2:06:52 Tokyo
3:00:17 Makoto-Tokyo Champion
3:09:11 Savo-Tokyo
3:20:11 Savo-Paris
3:27:25 Savo-LA

Car list and Arcade mode: https://youtu.be/maooNK9CsQk

The game is played on PCSX2 1.4.0 with a Dualshock controller, and recorded using OBS studio 26.0.2 (64-bit).

Midnight Club II – Savo [Final Race]

World Champion.

[0:00] Stage I – Intake
[5:20] Stage II – Light
[10:00] Stage III – Burn
[13:34] Stage IV – Turbo
[17:56] Stage V – Traction
[22:33] Stage VI – Apex


GAME: Midnight Club II
CONSOLE: PlayStation 3
RECORDER: Hauppauge HD PVR 2

The creator of this video is not affiliated to Rockstar Games and Angel Studios. The player is just some guy who enjoys driving cars.

Midnight Club II 100% Completion [4K] [howhardcanitbe9 difficulty]

A 100% Completion video of Reiji’s most favorite Midnight Club game in the entire series: Midnight Club 2. Now without the use of the brakes because the XBOX ONE controller is extremely inferior when it comes to button mapping. Apparently you cannot use the left or right trigger button unless it’s related to some sort of axis controlling in the PC version. It was disorienting at first but a great handicap overall. Don’t care to watch the whole thing? You can scroll down in the video description for the chapters / time stamp or check the comment section below for a specific race.

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Game: Midnight Club II
Console: Windows 10 PC
Controller: XBox ONE Controller

This run was way too easy for me; it’s merely a video of Midnight Club II in 4K. Click the link below to see my true way of beating the game:

This run was done with the cheat code “howhardcanitbe9” which sets the game to the highest difficulty, making this game a lot more harder.

[0:00] Los Angeles
[49:18] Los Angeles City Champion
[58:12] Los Angeles Circuit
[1:16:26] Paris
[2:06:09] Paris City Champion
[2:13:53] Paris Circuit
[2:41:26] Tokyo
[3:28:19] Tokyo City Champion
[3:36:14] Tokyo Circuit
[4:09:21] World Champion

Check the comment section down below for a detailed time stamp.

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