Lost Judgment – How To Earn Cash Quickly


Lost Judgment – How To Earn Cash Quickly

You’ll need plenty of cash to keep yourself in tip-top shape in Lost Judgment–here’s the best way to make money without spending a lot of time.

Judgment – 11,000,000+ Yen or 76,230 SP in 90 Minutes Start To Finish With VR

put difficulty on easy, blow through as many tiles as you can before you run into the black cat. I could have gotten a few more million but accidentally rolled a one, oh well. You can see this from start to finish, no skips or edits. Ended up with over 11,000,000 yen and that along with the money I already had net me 76,230 SP! Remember, 5-6-2 is a free gold cat, and you get 3 more of them by killing the golden enemies inside the battle sequences. Then you want to run into the black cat twice, with the second time giving you double what you lost.

Lost Judgment – Get millions of yen in 5 mins!

All you do is save you sp to 300k and buy 9 gate tiles from odawara wares. Buy 10 and go to vista mahjong and to the table that offer the highest bet, which is 250k yen. Then you keep using 9 gate tile and win everytime. 4 players x 250k yen bet, which is 1 million yen per game. 10 9 gate tiles get you to 10 million yen super quick

Lost Judgment – All Free Pass Vouchers & Money Guide (Unlimited Vouchers for VR mini-game)

Paradise VR (and Dice & Cube mini-game) can be unlocked by completing the “Paradise VR Unlocked!” side case. It can be started in Chapter 3, Ijincho (night). Go to Hamakita Park Ave (Chinatown, north from the western taxi) to find your client (he is wearing gold clothes). Enter the building afterwards and win your first VR mini-game. It’s quite easy as this serves as a tutorial.

To participate you need Play Passes, which can be found on different locations. If you want unlimited access, find all VR Vouchers and exchange them for a Free Pass so you can play ulimited games.

This is also one of the best methods to get a lot of money, you can do short courses to finish all VR related quests and while you do the TownGo challenges.

0:01 – Free Pass Voucher 1
0:22 – Free Pass Voucher 2
1:08 – Free Pass Voucher 3
1:47 – Free Pass Voucher 4 (All Kappas – https://youtu.be/4OKGmUdihsE)
2:51 – Free Pass Voucher 5
3:31 – Free Pass Voucher 6
4:09 – Free Pass Exchange (All-You-Can-Play TownGo challenge)
4:50 – Play VR to collect large amounts of money while doing TownGo VR challenges

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Judgment: How to Get Experience FAST

This is a method on how to farm experience SP points very quickly in Judge Eyes / Judgment. Normally this amount would take hours. In about 10-15 minutes and with some luck, you can make a lot more then usual!