All of Battlefield 1’s Vehicles


All of Battlefield 1’s Vehicles

Battlefield 1 contains a plethora of World War I-era vehicles; check them out.

Battlefield 1 – Destroy All Ottoman Vehicles

Battlefield 1 – Destroy All Ottoman Vehicles
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WAR STORIES Nothing is Written

All Single Player Skins In Battlefield 1 & How To Get Them

Hey guys today we’re going to review the skins you get for playing BF1’s campaign. Sponsored by EA RONKU. Battlefield site:

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Battlefield 1 Codex Entry Challenge – Desert Cars – Destroy 3 Vehicles Undetected

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. Battlefield 1 codex challenge. Desert Cars codex challenge is unlocked if you destroy the three vehicles while undetected in Hear the Desert. Grab your weapons and dive into the world of Krunker, where every shot counts! Play now and show them what you're made of.

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★ Battlefield 1 includes the following trophies ★

World War One Hero
Obtain all trophies

Support Enlistment
Reach Support Rank 2 in multiplayer

Scout Enlistment
Reach Scout Rank 2 in multiplayer

Up close and personal
Perform a melee kill on 10 enemies anywhere in the campaign

The hills of Gallipoli
Unlock all Codex Entries in The Runner

Catching up on some reading
Collect one Field Manual in the campaign

The War to End All Wars
Complete the campaign on Hard difficulty

The Great War
Complete the campaign on Normal difficulty

Mightier than the shovel
Find the hidden Cavalry Sword and take down an enemy on the French countryside in the campaign

Win 1 Operation in multiplayer

Play the Objective
Complete 25 Squad Orders in multiplayer

Using a bolt action rifle, kill an enemy Scout in multiplayer

Reach Rank 10 in multiplayer

Earn 450 Warbonds in multiplayer

Medic Enlistment
Reach Medic Rank 2 in multiplayer

Assault Enlistment
Reach Assault Rank 2 in multiplayer

Enough for a library
Collect all Field Manuals in the campaign

Triple Boluk-Bashi
Kill all 3 Ottoman officers in Young Men’s Work with melee kills in the campaign

Up to the challenge
Complete one challenge in the campaign

Sound of thunder
Unlock all Codex Entries in Through Mud and Blood

Conquering the mountains
Unlock all Codex Entries in Avanti Savoia!

Putting in the effort
Complete 10 challenges in the campaign

Master of adaptation
Complete all challenges in the campaign

Nothing is Written
Complete Nothing is Written

Through Mud and Blood
Complete Through Mud and Blood

Reach Rank 1 with all 4 Infantry classes in multiplayer

Friends in High Places
Complete Friends in High Places

Taking down giants
Unlock all Codex Entries in Friends in High Places

All men dream
Unlock all Codex Entries in Nothing is Written

Avanti Savoia!
Complete Avanti Savoia!

The Runner
Complete The Runner

Shock Wave
Kill 5 enemies by using dynamite in the campaign

How to use Vehicles in Battlefield 1 – Tips + Tricks

How to use Vehicles in Battlefield 1 – Pro tips and tricks for Battlefield 1 vehicles… When to go in, fall back, camera tactics and more. Enjoy! “Sponsored By EA” Sponsored by Scan – Thumbnail Art: Leave a rating and a comment!

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